April 18, 2021

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Simple Tips You Need to Follow When You are on a Road

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Hearing the word accident haunts me a lot. Whether the accident happens in a foreign country or a nearby street, I get alarmed whenever I get any kind of news related to the accidents. Accidents are a daunting experience that can change the entire life of a person. Therefore, it is important to take care of when we are on the road. Here we have explained some tips that everyone should follow when they are on the road.

1. Wear a Helmet when on Two Wheels

Two-wheelers often avoid wearing a helmet that can cause serious damages. Although many countries fine motorcyclists for not wearing a helmet and the fines are quite heavy. But still many people in many countries don’t obey this rule and use their vehicles without any kind of protection. Helmets are made for your safety and it protects your head from severe damages. Even if you fall from your two-wheeler or get into a collision your helmet will save you and protect your head from further damages. Keep a habit of wearing a helmet and never get on a ride without carrying your safety tools.

2. Wait for the Signal to go Green

Traffic lights are taught us when we are in our kindergarten. We even perform many activities regarding the traffic lights and we are taught about traffic rules since we enter school. Still, many people fail to understand its importance and don’t wait for their turn. People who are in a hurry or are getting late for their classes break traffic signals, and this happens in those countries where traffic rules are not strictly followed. Many accidents take place due to a lack of obeying traffic rules. Therefore, always wait for your turn and learn to be patient when you are on the road.

3. Give Some Respect to the Pedestrians

It is quite annoying to let pedestrians walk when the signal is Green. Always wait for the pedestrians to complete the path and then start your engine. Some pedestrians are with their children and some are holding sticks due to their age. Wait for them and let them complete the road to avoid accidents to happen.

4. Wear a Seat Belt when Driving

Some people are adamant about wearing a seat belt. They won’t wear it until they are fined with heavy charges. They won’t even listen to the car beeps that will continually irritate them with their beeps and ask them to wear a seat belt. Such people risk their own lives. Wearing a seat belt might form crease to your clothes but it will save you from peril situations. Thousands of car accidents occur and in most cases, people are found dead because they are found without a seat belt. A seat belt saves you from collisions and collapsing. There are hundreds of accidents reported where the vehicle was almost damaged but the driver is saved because of the seat belt. So my friend keeps a habit of wearing a seat belt and save your life from dangerous risks.

5. Check your vehicle before you start your trip

We often forget to check whether our vehicle is working well before we start our trip to somewhere. And then we realize it afterward when our vehicle has stopped in the middle of our way. It is important to check the oil and other things in the car or motorcycle before we start the engine for going somewhere far. This will save you from getting into any kind of troubles that you may face in the future.

6. Avoid excessive honking

It is quite disrespectful to honk a vehicle in front of you if it is not moving for a while. Many people have a habit of honking on the road if they are stuck in a traffic jam or the cars are standing still. This increases noise pollution and disturbs the birds in the air causing a chaotic environment around you. Avoid excessive honking because you can have a senior citizen on the road accompanying you and your activity might disturb them. Always think about others when traveling you never know your activities might hurt a person.  

7. Concentrate on the Road

We agree that there are many distractions on the road that gaze away from our attention but your eyes should never move from the road. Manier times people get distracted by attractive billboards or scenic views that leave them in perilous situations. Other than this people lose focus from the road because either they are using phones or talking with somebody. This results in accidents and deaths. So please be careful when you have the steering wheel on your hand.

Driving safely will not only save you but it can save a mother who is expecting, a married man and a school going girl. So drive safely!

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