May 26, 2022

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How To Choose An Online Seed Bank?

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Cannabis has been legalized in the majority of states of the USA for medical purpose, also in some states, it has been legalized for recreational use. With the legalization of cannabis, there is a surge in the number of people who are growing marijuana in their homes. 

States, in which cannabis has been legalized for any purpose an adult is allowed to buy, possess and consume marijuana. The minimum age set for this is 21 years. Also, one is allowed to sell cannabis if he is of minimum age prescribed, but the sale is allowed only of intrastate.

Where cannabis is legal for medical purpose, people with medical conditions are allowed to buy cannabis seeds and grow cannabis plants in their home. Where it is legalized for recreational use there also people are allowed to grow cannabis for their personal use.

Where to buy Cannabis seeds in the USA?

Primarily, there are two options from where you can buy cannabis seeds; these are Dispensary/local store and online store/ seed bank.

What are all the kinds of seeds available?

Generally, seeds are available in packs; these packs include seeds varying from 6 to 12 seeds. The numbers of seed packs you require will depend upon the kind of seeds you are opting for. From seed bank online for marijuana seeds, you can choose three types of seeds, which are

  • Regular seeds

In these, a pack of seeds include both female and male seeds. The probability of plant resulting in female and male is 50% each. You have to keep a check on male parts and separate and remove them as they will destroy female plants. Male plants do not produce buds; hence they need to be thrown.

  • Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are those seeds which result in female plants only. The probability of getting a female plant is as high as 99.9%. In this rodelization method is used in which is a feminization technique. Under this, a female plant is used to pollinate the female plant, and all cannabis users know that only female plants give the taste to weeds we enjoy.

  • Auto flower seeds

These are the seeds which automatically reaches the flowering stage after reaching a certain maturity level. Other types of cannabis plants depend on light for reaching the flowering stage, but this is not the case with auto flower seeds. These seeds are very high yielding seeds and they reach harvesting stage very early.

What are some of the things you should check before you go to seed bank online for marijuana seeds?

  • Ratings and reviews of the store
  • Prices of  the strains
  • Delivery time of seeds
  • How long it has been in business
  • Payment methods accepted

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