September 28, 2021

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A Brief Guide to Moderate Drinking

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Even though most people across the globe enjoy a few alcoholic drinks every once in a while, you should know that moderate drinking will not harm your health. 

However, if you excessively consume it, the process may lead to severe problems for your well-being and body.

Still, it is challenging to determine an exact point when consuming alcohol becomes problematic for your health. Therefore, you should learn how much is too much for your situation.

As soon as you enter here, you will learn more about chronic drinking. 

Of course, some people with chronic issues should avoid it altogether, especially if they consume high blood pressure meds or have diabetes.

Intake Recommendation Guide

When it comes to the standard size of a particular drink, you should know that recommendations vary from country to country. Therefore, in the US, standard should feature a max of 14 grams of alcohol. 

For beers, it is twelve ounces, five ounces of wine, and one and a half ounces for the spirit. Even though standard sizes vary, you should know that various drinks come with specific and different content. 

Therefore, if you drink IPA or India pale ale beer, you will get more liquor than regular beers. According to the US Department of Agriculture, moderate consumption includes two beverages daily for men and one for women.

Other researches state that people with these habits and limits are less likely to reach alcohol dependency and addiction.

However, you should know that heavy and binge drinking can easily lead to alcoholism, a vital factor to understand. 

SAMHSA or the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that binge for men is five or more, while for women four or more in a few hours.

On the other hand, heavy alcoholism means binging for at least five or more days, which is more likely to lead to use disorder.

When you reach a point of addiction, you will not control the amount, which may lead to severe consequences.

Dietary Guidelines

You probably understand by now that alcohol consumption can lead to both short- and long-term health issues, including sexual risk behavior, violence, vehicle accidents, cancers, and high blood pressure.

The chances for potential issues increase based on the alcohol content you are consuming. For cancers, the risk increases even when you consume low amounts. 

If you wish to reduce health-related problems, you should first reach the legal age and limit the consumption to moderate amounts.

Still, drinking less is a better option than more, which is an essential factor to understand. You must find a middle ground and avoid more than one to prevent potential issues from happening.

Individuals Who Should Avoid Alcohol

Another important consideration is to avoid consuming alcohol if you are under risks, which are:

  • If you might or are pregnant, you should avoid it altogether
  • If you are minor or under the legal age, because your body is still developing, which is something alcohol can affect
  • If you have medical conditions or consume medications regularly, combining them with alcohol can lead to severe interactions and problems.
  • If you are recovering from severe alcoholism or use disorder, you cannot control the amount you consume.

Another important consideration is that women who are lactating should not drink anything to prevent potential issues. Of course, some studies have shown that lactating women can consume moderate amounts, which is one standard drink a day.

This amount will not be harmful to infants, but women should wait at least two hours after drinking before expressing milk or nursing. 

Things to Know About Moderate Consumption

Some evidence state that when you decide to drink within recommended limits, which may lead to severe problems in the long run. For instance, it increases the level of cardiovascular issues and numerous cancer types as well. 

Alcohol increases chances for cancer, and for some of them, the risk rises even if you consume a single drink from time to time. Therefore, you should avoid consumption altogether. 

Even though some studies state that moderate consumption comes with specific health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, few studies nowadays say that this is not true.

Of course, certain medical conditions will improve with moderate drinking. Still, it is challenging to conclude that improved outcomes happened due to alcohol consumption or other factors and changes a person implemented.

At the same time, numerous people do not drink daily, but they go over a threshold and get drunk when they do. That is a behavior that can lead to alcoholism and use disorder if repeated frequently.

According to numerous studies conducted in the last few decades, moderate consumption can lead to certain benefits, including:

  • Reducing chances of ischemic stroke in which arteries in the brain get blocked or narrowed due to low blood flow. 
  • Potentially reducing chances of diabetes
  • It can prevent various heart diseases to a certain point

Still, it would be best to remember that physical activities combined with a healthy diet would provide you with more significant benefits than alcohol. Of course, moderate drinking comes with certain risks as well.

It is important to prevent potential issues by visiting Skyward Treatment Missouri City Texas, which will help you deal with alcohol use disorder. 

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